5 Unexpected Professional Benefits of Lifelong Learning

As children, we are constantly learning new things through play and in school. However, graduation is where the pursuit of learning ends for some people. Lifelong learning has a wide range of benefits, including keeping your brain sharp as you age and giving you a sense of purpose. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Read on to learn 5 unexpected ways that lifelong learning can enhance your career.

Renewed Passion for Your Work:

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut in your career? Learning something new can help you see your job in a new light. When you gain new knowledge in your field, you feel more up-to-date and can offer insights to your team about the newest best practices. If you choose to learn about something outside of your industry, it can give you a different perspective on both your work and personal life.

Better Networking Skills:

Many learning settings require you to interact with other students. As adults, we often lose these social skills, especially in workplaces that are not collaborative. Lifelong learning allows you to take on roles as a leader, a group member, a public speaker, and more. You will also meet other professionals who have the same quest for knowledge as you do, making learning settings the perfect place to build your network.

Higher Adaptability:

Thanks to technology, nearly every industry moves at lightspeed these days. You don’t want to get left behind! From changes in best practices to new regulations to better computer programs, keeping up with advancements in your field makes you more adaptable at work.

Justin Kulla, founder and CEO of small business education company BusinessBlocks, says, “A vast majority of people will inevitably find themselves feeling like they’re falling behind if they’re not constantly investing in themselves. Or they might even feel unemployable at one point or another in their careers. This is true for many professions. A feeling of staleness can encroach as new technologies continue to be developed.”

A Longer Career:

The way we work is changing. In the future, many jobs will become redundant due to technological enhancements. A large number of careers require post-secondary education to even apply and only offer promotions to those who pursue even further education. Lifelong learning can help you ensure you stay relevant in your career.

More Career Growth Opportunities:

Lifelong learning can give you an advantage in the employment market. Continuing education shows that you value your career and have a passion for bettering yourself.

Tom Haughton, Vice President of Winnipeg’s My Place Realty, explains: “I am always looking for new ways to enhance my skills and abilities. I have done so through coaching sessions, self-development seminars and more. Thanks to these training opportunities I have been able to build upon my capabilities and talents.”

Whether you enroll in a university course, attend online seminars, or even just watch TED talks, lifelong learning is invaluable to professional growth. Learning new skills boosts your self-esteem and shows your employer and colleagues that you are serious about being your best in your career.

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