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Blogging The Herald-Palladium on Building a Brand Through Blogging

The Herald-Palladium out of Southwest Michigan recently ran a piece on building awareness and authority through blogging. The newspaper specifically suggested submitting guest blog posts and articles to other websites to boost awareness of your business. The outlet argued that guest blogging can increase credibility, expand your audience, drive traffic, and introduce you to potential customers and other connections. It also offered tips on pitching and meeting deadlines.

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Refinery29 on Ghostblogging

Recently, Refinery29 did a piece on the “secretive” world that is ghostblogging. The author wrote about how some bloggers actually get other people to write their posts, with no byline or any mention that it’s not the blogger who’s doing the hiring doing any of the writing. Refinery29 spoke to someone who does Ghostblogging, who explained that writers are sometimes asked to do it because they understand SEO as well as headline and article writing — which are all very important in the world of blogging. Because blogging seems so authentic and personal, the world of ghostblogging seems secretive, but the practice of utilizing ghostbloggers is actually not all that uncommon or strange. Read more here.

Popular Forum in Tanzania Shut Down by Blogging Law

A popular Tanzanian blogging site, Jamii Forums, has been shut down after government enforcement of new online content rules, according to AllAfrica. The Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) will no longer allow the publishing of online content without necessary licenses as of Monday June 11. The new regulations force bloggers and online TV and radio to register their platforms, get a tax clearance certificate, and pay a license fee of up to $900. Activists who tried to block the implementation of the regulations lost a court case recently arguing that the government was trying to curtail free speech, so it seems bloggers have to either get the licenses or be shut down. Read the full story here.

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Two Women in Mid-Michigan Teamed Up to Blog About the Royal Wedding

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wasn’t something that only big outlets covered. Two women got together to blog about the event as well, because they run two popular blogs following the fashions of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, aptly titled “What Kate Wore” and “What Meghan Wore.” They proudly live-blogged everything about the Royal Wedding, proving the importance and influence of bloggers everywhere even when it comes to international events such as the wedding of Prince Harry and Markle.

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