Quickly Install VestaCP On Google Cloud VM Instance

Install VestaCP On Google Cloud: If you had Google Cloud VM Instance and you don’t how to install VestaCP on it in order to host a website on it, then we had compiled step by step method on how you can install VestaCo On Google Cloud VM Instance.

First of all, let me tell you what is Google Cloud? and how you can get free 300$ credit On Google Cloud account, so google cloud is is web service company which provides servers which you can use to host a website, run an app on it and use it as RDP ( Remote Desktop Connection ). Right now you can get 300$ credit on signup for a new Google Cloud account.

VestaCp is an open source Control Panel which you can get free of cost also modify and redistribute the source code,also read the Realme 2 Pro Vs Realme U1 Full Comparison in Hindi and the people use this Cpanel to manage their website and database it has phpmyadmin inbuilt to manage your database.  so keeping this talk aside let’s get straight into the installation process.

Quickly Install VestaCP On Google Cloud VM Instance

Step 1: Go To Google Cloud Dashboard

Login into your Google Cloud Account and navigate to Dashboard.  Then go to Compute Engine and VM Instance to Install VestaCP On Google Cloud VM Instance

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Step 2: Create a VM Instance Navigate To Compute Engine > VM Instance.

Now click on create and name your Instance then select server location as you wish. then select CPU and RAM as per your need. if you are about to launch a new website I personally suggest you to go with 1 CPU And 4GB of RAM, Now select os and boot disk as per new website go with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, And select boot disk type SSD of 10GB Space for faster load time.

Create Google Cloud VM Instance
Create Google Cloud VM Instance

After Doing All This Allow Http And HTTPS Traffic and leave other option as default and click on create now after some time your server is ready to go and install VestaCp on It.

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Step 3: Create Firewall Rules In VPC Network 

Navigate To VPC Network > Firewall Rules Then Follow This Instruction Given below.

  1. Add Name: vesta-cp
  2. Go To Target And Add Target Tag: vesta-cp
  3. Now Put This In Source IP Range:
  4. Then Go To Protocols And Select Allow All (This Will Allow All The Ports)
  5. Leave All Settings As It Is And Click On Create.
Install VestaCP On Google Cloud
Create Firewall Rules In VPC Network

Step 4: Add Network Tags In Your VM Instance.

Navigate To Compute Engine > VM Instance.

Now you can see your server on your dashboard so click on the server and then you can see full details of your server so click on edit and go to Network Tags And Add “vesta-cp” here and then click on save.

Add Network Tags In Your VM Instance.
Add Network Tags In Your VM Instance.

Step 5: Connect To SSH.

Now click on SSH and let SSH connect with your server after successful connect Follow the method listed below:

Install VestaCP On Google Cloud
Connect To SSH
  1. First of all, take Root Access using the command line: ” sudo su “.
  2. Now use this command line to start installing VestaCp: “ curl -O “.
  3. At Last, put this command line in SSH: ” bash ” or ” bash -f “.
  4. Now press “Y” and enter to start installing Cpanel.
  5. Now Follow the On-screen instruction to install VestaCp.
  6. After Successful install you get your admin panel link your username and password.

Congratulations, you have just successfully installed Vesta Control Panel
username: XXXXX
password: XXXXXXXXX
We hope that you enjoy your installation of Vesta. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions
Thank you.

You got a message like this so save your user id and password safely. So this is how you can Install VestaCP On Google Cloud.

Now you got your admin panel link so login in your admin panel and add domain and start your website if you want to know more about how you can host a WordPress website using VestaCP then do let me know in the comment section. I surely compile a dedicated article on it so that you can install WordPress using vestaCP. and if you have any problem in installing vesta On Google Cloud then comment down below I will surely help you to “Install Vesta On Google Cloud VM Instance“.

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