Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 Tablet A Complete Review: The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 is the meatloaf of Android tablets. It’s appealing and you know a lot of folks will hunker down with one, but it’s not glamorous.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 Tablet A Complete Review


Design and Modes

Lenovo has fresh its Yoga pill line for 3 years in a very row, creating little changes on the means. This time, in terms of physical style, what is new could be a lock button within the kickstand’s hanger hole…

This button initial appeared on the 13-inch Yoga Tab a pair of ProBest Price at Amazon. we have a tendency to suppose this was to forestall accidental rotation of the kickstand—a drawback we have a tendency to never encountered on previous Yogas. Pressing the button whereas rotating the stand open appeared cumbersome initially, however, the action wasn’t arduous to urge used to—it simply needs a lightweight faucet for unleashing.

Also new is that the single, rotating optical lens embedded on the left facet of the spine (on an equivalent facet because of the power/wake button), between the left speaker grille and therefore the kickstand’s hinge. The camera’s section of the spine rotates a hundred and eighty degrees, with varied planned positions that click as you pass them, just like the numbers on a bank-vault dial.

As we have a tendency to mentioned in our introduction, sharing one smart lens with the front and back is healthier than having a weak lens embedded in one facet. This works well once your camera jockeying is pre-planned, however, if you would like to require a fast shot of one thing, you’ll get to be adept at locating and ratcheting the lens section. The rotating lens might additionally are available handy for capturing pictures surreptitiously—or, say, taking perpendicular shots—but the ratcheting rotation sound might provide you with away. (Not that we’re attempting to encourage the creepy behavior.)

Also new could be a textured-plastic coating on the rear and sleek however grippy black rubber on the sides…

Another little bit of delicate awkwardness: Selfies and Skype sessions square measure tough since there’s no digital camera focused on the edge opposite the spine. You’ll be got to hold the spine in your paw, rest it in landscape mode on associate eye-level perch, or suspend it at eye level. Since the kickstand doesn’t run the complete length of the spine, you can’t get on my feet the Tab three, hands-free, in portrait mode. Stand the Tab three in landscape on a table or table, and therefore the revolved camera can doubtless find yourself wanting up your nose. you will have to elevate the complete factor.


Yoga Tab 3 tablet packs with 1.3GHz Qualcomm MSM8909 quad-core processor which is not Enough according to us for Heavy Users.


Sound quality almost similar to my mac book, clear and punchy bass no distortion. Quality of the speaker’s tab is just great, Dolby Atmos audio enhancement audio enhancement. Sound quality is always loved to listen but don’t expect too much base.Lenovo Yoga Tab.


  • Smooth Touch.
  • Rotating Camera.
  • The sound is just great.
  • Camera quality is very good.
  • Battery stands for days


  • A little bit Heavy: 471 Gram.
  • Lag a lot in Gaming.
  • 1GB RAM: Not Good for Multitasking.
  • 1.3GHz Qualcomm MSM8909 quad-core Not Enough for Heavy Users.
  • Resolution 800 x 1280 pixels (~189 PPI pixel density) Not Very Good.
  • Old Android O.S 5.1.1

Final Words:

According to us this one of the best tablet available in the market right now under 10,000 rupees. Large display, amazing sound and very easy to carry. All that you need, if you are really planning to purchase it then simply go for it now.

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