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Things to Consider before Buying a Luxury Condo in Toronto

Buying a luxury condo in a city like Toronto is a dream of many, but people just cannot decide what amenities to consider before sealing the deal. It is very important to know about the important things that make a condo luxurious and why you shall need them. Luxury includes a lot of expensive stuff that explains the cost of the condo. Sam Mizrahi Founder and president of Mizrahi Developments a Canadian real estate development firm in Toronto that specializes in building high-end, custom residences aims is to provide quality condo that people can be proud to call home. You do not have to worry much as in today’s article we bring you the things to consider before buying a luxury condo in Toronto.

Building Amenities:

Toronto Condos are seen to be equipped with billiards rooms, massage tables, bowling alleys, dog washing stations, aerobic classes and much more. You will not need all of these amenities so when you are going to buy a condo, determine the things you will need and things you won’t because you have to pay for each and every amenity you choose along with the condo fees making it a lot expensive. Though having all those amenities would help you show off but it is better to be friends with the budget.

Check Parking Availability:

Parking is an amenity most of the newly developed condos do not offer and they don’t even have parking spaces. You will get charged around 20 to 75k Dollars easily if you need a privately owned parking space. Where if you do not require a parking space, you can save some money but you will lose a potential amount of resale value. You can always rent a parking space if the necessity strikes.

Ask for Enough Storage:

Storage is one important amenity that you must consider while buying a condo. A lot of condos do not have extra storage. You just be careful about picking a condo because if you are someone who has a lot of stuff on you then you will probably need a lot of storage. Plan your storage and opt for condos who meet your requirements. Because once you buy the condo it will be a hassle to find out it has little to no storage and you have to put your belongings in the trash. Sad right?

Construction Quality:

Always keep in mind a strong and durable construction means a safe condo. Inspect the condo, take a good look at its maintenance, cost, resale values, and appearance. Hire a realtor to find out about the area and construction of the buildings. Do it all before buying the condo. It will help you decide if you really want to buy a poorly constructed condo.

Setbacks of the Condo:

Always be on the lookout for unattractive things in a condo such as small windows, bad odors coming from walls, dark areas with access to minimal light, noise and disturbances coming from other tenants. Such things are unpleasant and can ruin your experience of buying a luxury condo. Inspect such things in detail before buying a condo.

These five useful things to consider will surely help you to understand and determine what you have to do.

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