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Top 5 Best New Browsers for Android 2018 That You Must Use

Top 5 Best New Android Browsers for 2018 That You Must Use: In my sincerest recommendation, going with the trusted browsers sounds like the smart thing to do. The reason being, Internet surfing is a private affair, and since you don’t want to suffer from the lack of security when accessing private information, you ought to go with what you know, eh?

I think, everyone wants to work on the best web browser, so that’s why I collect information about so many browsers and then I select the Top 10 Android Browsers of 2018. You surely going to like this article. So friends must read the article about the Top 5 Best Android Browsers of 2018. So here is the list of best android web browser of 2018.

Let’s see some of the top 5 best Android browsers 2018, without any further Delay…

1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox was developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It was released on 24th of November 2004. It is very simple to use. After some months of its released, it has more than 60 million users. Today’s it is one of the most used browsers in the world. More than 100 millions people install Mozilla Firefox from Google Play Store. It contains so many features. Some of the top features of Mozilla Firefox are:-
1. Privacy- You can use Mozilla Firefox as a Private browsing.
2. Quick Share- It helps you easily share content to Facebook, WhatsApp,  Twitter, Skype etc.
3.  Search Intelligently-  it searches the results across your favorite search engines.
Mozilla Firefox is very smart and a very fast web browser. It is one the most popular web browser in the world. It is a most secure android browser.

2.Google Chrome

Android Browsers Google Chrome is one of the quicker and best browsers for Android known to mankind (sort of). Being a product of the tech giant, Chrome provides ample features to tinker around. Chrome is loaded with lots of features which is more than adequate for the average person, which includes built-in Flash, HTML 5, incognito window, Data saver (have to enable), & importantly possess the ability to sync all histories, passwords & bookmarks across any device seamlessly using Gmail account.

It makes your experience seamless across multiple devices, and the faster web page rendering engine makes it hands down choice. Well, the jaw-dropping features might not make Chrome as the best Android browser, if your smartphone isn’t packing some decent power inside. It requires sufficient system memory and horsepower to get going, to say less it is a memory hog. Although it is resource intensive, the features and the security it provides makes us rethink the decision. Best part, it is updated regularly which weeds out potential bugs, so no hindrance is likely to be encountered.

  • Tabbed browsing.
  • Sync history/bookmarks across your devices.
  • The private/incognito mode feature is available.
  • “Do not track” is a built-in option.
  • Data saver is built-in for optimized data usage.
  • Voice search & better integration with voice assistants like Google Now & Allo.
  • Multiple gestures supported are supported.

3. UC Browser

UC browser is a free mobile browser. It is developed by UC web. It is a web browser for Android, IOS, Windows etc. The owner of UC Browser is Alibaba group of China. Uc Browser was launched in April 2004. It is a very nice web browser. It is one of the most used browsers in the world. More than 100 millions people install UC browser from Google Play Store. It contains so many features. Some of the top features of  UC browser are:-
1. Fast Download- Whenever you download any files from UC browser, then it increases or boosts the speed of downloading a file.
2. Data Saving- UC browser compresses data, and increases the speed of navigation and helps you to save a lot of data traffic.
3. Ad Block-It also blocks different types of ads that disturb you during your working in a browser.
4. Night Mode- By this features of night mode you can read more comfortably at night.
UC browser is also very smooth to use. It is also one of the most popular browsers. It is one of the fastest browsers for Android.

4. APUS browser

It is really a very nice browser. This browser is only about 2MB, but you can experience a very fast speed in this browser. More than 10 millions people install APUS browser from Google Play Store. APUS browser contains so many features. Some of the top features of APUS browser are:-
1. Fast Search- This browser provides a powerful search engine. It can search any things by taking a very less amount of time.
2. Privacy-  You can use APUS browser as a private browser, by enabling its Incognito mode. Due to this mode, your history doesn’t save in a browser.
3. Night mode- By switching that mode you can read more comfortably in the night, it also
protects your eyesight.
4. Save pages to read offline: You can also save website pages and read it comfortably offline.
So, friends, it is a very fast and secure browser. And it is also one of the best web browsers for Android.

5. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser is a freeware mobile browser. It is developed for IOS and Android operating systems. This browser was developed by Mobo Tap. Dolphin browser was based on Webkit engine. It is a very fast browser. It is known for its fast work. More than 50 millions people install dolphin app from Google Play Store. It contains so many features. Some of the top features of dolphin browser are:-
1. Flash Player- With the help of flash player features you can get the best gaming and HD video experience.p
2. AdBlock- It is one of the best AdBlock Browser. With the help of that browser you can block ads, popups etc.
3. Private browsing- You can also be used that app as a private browser, by enabling its incognito mode.
4. Multiple tabs bar.
5. Gesture.
It is an outstanding browser. It is one of the most popular browsers in the present time. This browser also received so many awards. It is one of the best web browsers for Android.

So, friends, I hope you all like this article of Top 5 Best Android Browsers of 2018So, friends, I am really very thankful to you for visiting this site. If you have any questions so you can freely in a comment box and for new and interesting articles stay tuned with your favorite news website Pocketspider

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