Venture Capital – A Great Way of Investment

It is the investment that is used to support new or existing companies that have a higher than average growth potential and that have high possibilities of expanding in the market.

It is usually granted to companies that need additional financing, either to maintain growth or for research, development and innovation and frequently focuses on emerging markets.

Venture capital by G Scott Paterson is controlled by an individual or small group known as venture capitalists.

In the eyes of endeavor capitalists, at least a substantial potential for fast and gainful growth, so that the prestige of your corporation will add to.


Some of the characteristics that investors consider to grant this capital can be: the rapid growth of sales, a new patented technology or a dominant position in an emerging market, an excellent management team, or the possibility of being acquired by a largest company or taken by the public in a stock offer.

About Venture Capital Investors:

Some venture capital investors prefer to invest in companies only during start-up, where the risk is higher but so is the potential for return. Other venture capital companies only deal with the second stage of financing for their expansion or the financing of the bridge where they provide capital for growth until the company goes public. Finally, there are venture capital companies that focus exclusively on the provision of funds for the management of targeted purchases.

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There are many terms that inhabit financial spaces in the media and, although they mostly sound like we are frequent, we do not know exactly what they mean or how they affect our economic daily life. And one of them is the concept of “risk capital “, which is nothing more than a source of external business financing aimed mainly at small and medium-sized companies.

It consists of the contribution of permanent capitals by an investor company to another that will be denominated as receiver or investee. Through this contribution, the investing company takes a minority position in the recipient, but without the intention of lasting indefinitely. On the contrary, the objective is only to get the investee company to increase its value, and once the investment is recovered and multiplied, the capitalist withdraws and obtains a profit.

Recipient companies are always companies valued with considerable levels of risk, which is why they usually have difficulties in obtaining capital through more common financing instruments, and opt for the risk capital formula. And when this investment comes through a prestigious venture capital company, in addition to the financial injection it implies, it creates in the market the perception that the small business will be a success, originating an important asset to convince customers and suppliers of that the start-up is viable and trustworthy.

The capital by Scott Paterson Toronto is contributed with the objective of obtaining participation in the profits of the company, if the investment company is private, or with the purpose of contributing to the creation of a business network, if the investment company is public.

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