Xiaomi Max 2 Review : A Colossal Avatar of Redmi Note 4

Hey Guys…  Today I m Going to talk About Xiaomi Max 2 Review: A Colossal Avatar Of Redmi Note 4…..

Xiaomi Max 2 is one brand that is actively trying to dominate the mid-range and budget segment in India. The company has a vast portfolio of these segments and now,
Xiaomi Max 2 it is all set to capture those users who fancy big screens with the launch of its latest Xiaomi Max 2.
Once again the debate about the screen size of a smartphone is at center stage. But will it make an ideal device to ease your craving for media consumption and make it a delightful experience? Let’s find out.

Mi Max 2 is a more cleaned version of the principal Mi Max, and there’s no vulnerability about this. The full metal unibody layout with calmed radio wire bunches on the back might help some to recollect a more noteworthy iPhone 7, because of the matte dull shading. Mi Max 2 might be colossal, yet the phone looks premium, and it isn’t as considerable as you’d expect, given the 5300 mAh battery.

Xiaomi stays with all glass on the front, this has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to finish everything and capacitive secure that light. Likewise, the unique mark scanner remains the back, like how it is on other Xiaomi cell phones. I experienced no difficulty utilizing this with one hand, yet fitting this enormous telephone into a pocket can challenge on occasion.

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Be that as it may, there’s a negative to this 6.4-inch full HD show. The sheer size means it won’t be everybody’s first inclination when picking a cell phone. A great many people are content with a 5.5-inch show unless obviously, you are searching for a tablet substitution that is more reasonable.

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To complement the big display, Xiaomi has built-in a powerful stereo speaker setup — the earpiece acts as the left speaker in the stereo setup. While watching YouTube or Netflix in busy surroundings, we never really required the use of a headphone – the speakers are pretty loud. While being highly vocal, they manage to retain a majority of the frequencies and provide a good level of bass as well, which probably means – bye-bye external speakers. In short, the Mi Max 2 is a complete mobile entertainment package for those on the move.

So, after our ‘maxed’ out take on the Mi Max 2, you would surely like to know one thing – should you consider buying it? Well, if you want a big display, with a good audio setup, longer battery life, an impressive build and an easy-to-use software, then the Mi Max 2 is definitely a recommended buy, especially at a bargain price of Rs 16,999. Even for those who don’t fancy its dimensions, the Mi Max 2 will still manage to please them with a few features such as battery life and camera. To sum up the whole experience, the Mi Max 2 is nothing but a longer-running, new, refreshed Mi Max with the internal guts of a Redmi Note 4.

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